Golf courses are an ideal candidate to be photographed or filmed from the air, giving members and non-members alike the chance to see the course from an entirely different perspective. For example, with a little elevation, you can often see the topography of a hole that just isn’t possible from the ground.

We offer packages ranging from straightforward aerial photography, to a hole by hole fly through or a short feature film about the club and all its facilities. These are all a great way to show off your course and attract new members to the club. There is also the option of having the fly through or film narrated, either by the Club Pro or General Manager.

Have a look at the examples on this page and get in touch with us, we will work with you to create something beautiful for your club....


Full Course Marketing Film

Parkstone Golf Club is one the UKs leading Golf Courses and as such is voted in the top 100 courses in the UK and Ireland. This short film showcases the course and its beautiful natural setting from both the air and the ground, as well as focusing on the rest of the facilities.

In a time when golf club memberships are in decline, the value of this sort of film can be exponential in attracting both new members and increasing green fees.



Hole by Hole Fly Through

Here is an example fly through of the first hole at Parkstone Golf Club. This particular film isn't narrated but imagine how fantastic it would be to have a narrated guide to each hole on your club website so that your members can be talked through exactly how to play the hole, possibly by a familiar voice like the club pro.